Ra chief laid to rest

The casket of the late Sereima Rokodi is carried to its final resting place at Nukuloa village in Ra. Picture: JONA KONATACI

HUNDREDS of people gathered at the Nukuloa Methodist Church to pay their last respects to the Na Marama na Ratu ni Natauia Adi Sereima Adidave Rokodi who was laid to rest in the chiefly burial ground yesterday at Nukuloa Village in Saivou, Ra.

A former nurse by profession, Adi Sereima was loved by many who knew her, especially for how she looked after the vanua and carried out her responsibilities with the church diligently.

She held a steady position with the Ra Provincial Council, being one of the most influential female chiefs from the province.

She held the chiefly title of Na Marama na Ratu ni Natauia for seven years and had made a great impact.

Mataqali (clan) Nabonubonu Sauturaga (steward chief) Kitione Nawaite said when they had installed Adi Sereima, they had known it was the right decision because she was an educated woman who was able to look after the vanua.

“During her professional career, she looked after many people around the country and she continued that by caring for people now,” Mr Nawaite said.

“She was quite ill before she passed away and she was a happy woman who led by example and she will be missed by many people.

“She was installed soon after her brother passed away and she had just retired from working in the Health Ministry,” Mr Nawaite said.

She is survived by her children and grandchildren.

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