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Jese Sikivou

Isa, so sorry to hear of Jese Sikivou’s passing. He was a very special human being from a very special family.

Condolences to the Sikivou family.

Colin Deoki


Hearty thanks

I wish to show my appreciation to the employees of WAF for the lovely work carried out during the weekend.

We had sufficient water in our own homes and if there was a need for refill, the water tanks by the roadside were there to assist.

Thank you Water Authority.

Suli Tokalau



Thank you The Fiji Times for your coverage of the Anti- Litter Campaign.

Can you also include a comment or two from the Minister for Environment on what his ministry is doing to combat the litter problem?

Why do I ask for this? Well, his silence on the litter problem is rather loud and resounding!

Once again, I say isa!

Kiniviliame Keteca


Cup trophy

The cup the team came with at Nadi airport is so small and I believe it is not the same that was presented to the boys after their win in Hamilton on Sunday night.

Ilaitia Bose

Raojibhai Patel St, Suva

7s heaven

All hail the 7s captain and his team for stepping up to the mark at the right moments in time.

A fantastic effort! Great memories!

Ecelini Naivadra

Tuisowaqa Rd, Namadi, Suva

Good sign

Good sign that coach Gareth is speaking to super captain Oscar for the Las Vegas sevens.

We need leaders now in the team to show the path to consistency.

Our past history shows that after a good victory we immediately fail badly in the next tournament.

We need more than one captain in the team to continue the dialogue and talanoa and bring back the famous former coach’s veilomani.

The players must not get it in their head that we have achieved everything after the Hamilton victory.

I wish we had “Eyes” Katonibau, another inspirational leader to look up to.

Leadership is an action and not a position, ask the top two teams in the series South Africa and NZ. If you have not noticed they have two to three captains playing consistently in the series. Bring back “Eyes” and the Koula Oscar winner.

Looking forward to seeing another new kid on the block Railoa to explode soon.

Toso Viti, never say die.

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