Bus fare

Kirti Patel (FT 11/01/18), forgot to mention that my wife managed to get a temporary card the next day.

Fare is 68 cents one way. What do we do with the difference of 64 cents on return since cards are $2?

Edward Kumar


Back to school

The Ministry of Education has made it clear that for all teachers and students alike, the 2018 school year begins on Monday and not as was the case previously where students went on Tuesday.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with the change but it is best to leave it to the parties concerned to look at.

May I take this opportunity to wish all in the education sector a rewarding year.

God bless.

Suresh Chand


ATS drama

This ATS saga is surely not going anywhere as far as the news goes, anyway.

So given the choice to go back to work would be the best option for those sitting it out in the cold.

It would certainly be a plus for them and pay packs to go with it. Come on guys, it would all end up on the table in the end to look at what is good for everyone.

That’s my look at it. Happy New Year and may this year be better than the last.

God bless all.

Richard M. Abel


Balawa junction

I thank the road authority for doing a temporary tarseal along the Balawa junction at Drasa Avenue which has somehow widened the road and makes it look very convenient.

Only concern is the arrogance of drivers thinking that it would probably be a bypass area now that the bus bay area is not clearly marked.

This is an area where motorists normally live on the true meaning of the song “life on the fast lane”.

Could the proper authorities please do road markings before the school term begins since schoolchildren are normally seen waiting in this area.

Suli Tokalau


National data

The revelation by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics in the newspaper yesterday (FT 11/1) maybe good for planners but I believe it’s more important for the opposition parties.

Socio-statistical data such as gender, age, occupation, trade union membership, religious affiliation are obviously important for campaigning.

They are important determinants and parties’ fortunes depend on them.

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive, Delainavesi

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