So much has been said about the pronunciation of English words but can someone please change the ad on the telly? Lady, it’s MPaisa and not MPeiza!

Edward Kumar




I am proud of Fiji’s achievement in Bonn, Germany. I know of a place near Nausori where 19 residents share a single water source on a daily basis and they have to wade through floodwaters every time there’s a deluge.

I am hopeful that the achievements will soon translate to much needed assistance for some members of our community.

Sailosi Naewe

Naduru Rd, Nausori



Stay safe during this school holidays. Vigilance is the key to protecting children over the school holidays.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka



After church service the other day, I boarded a bus travelling towards Navutu with my family and only to be told by the bus driver that my card had insufficient fund. It was so embarrassing that I had to gather enough strength to tell the driver I had just recharged the card. So with kindness and understanding the driver told my family and I to get in while he switched off and then back on the machine as he drove along the beautiful Lautoka highway. Upon reaching Navutu we got off while I was too hesitant but then with boldness tapped my card on the machine and to our amazement, the machine indicated that my card had balance after all. Like I wrote in an earlier mail regarding the eticket, a card with mood — frustration, embarrassment and anxiety.

Suli Tokalau




I have just bought a safety work boot from a prominent sports brand shop in Suva, for about $200. It has Australian and New Zealand certification but with no warranty and steel plate? Wonder who checks and approves this?

Steven Chandra



of many

The editorial commentary on the above subject by Sailosi Batiratu (FT 26/11) explains a very important aspect of iTaukei life (solesolevaki). Most iTaukei live together in villages in mataqali and i-tokatoka and solesolevaki is an important aspect of their existence. Profits (tubu) is not seen positively in an environment that favours communalism unfortunately.

Individualism is certainly good for people who don’t live in a group. Maybe the best way is both as Sailosi Batiratu says.

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive, Delainavesi

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