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May I request school committees and managements to only invite chief guests to their end of school functions who will be courteous enough to come on time.

To potential chief guests, if you know you will be late, refuse the invitation.

At Tilak, the children waited for three hours for the chief guest. Sheesh!

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka



So the party tomorrow is to celebrate the Fiji Bati’s win over the New Zealand Kiwis, right?

Kelvin Anthony

Namadi Heights, Suva



La Nina is the direct opposite of El Nino which we have had for some time, but now La Nina is coming to Fiji.

That will mean more rain, longer drought seasons and of course more devastation to our environment.

Now the big wigs have come back from preaching about global warming and I think it would be wise to put whatever money set aside for their welcoming in clearing our drains and rivers, making more drains so that water runs off properly and not all over the place and cause floods and landslides.

Come on guys it’s time to walk the talk, and what better way to do it but in your own back yard.

Lawrence Wara




Who will reign supreme this Friday night? Can it be our very own Fiji Bati? Only time will tell.

Allen, it’ll be your turn to buy the grog.

Don’t do a disappearing act again like last weekend.

Remember, there’s a few dark corners in Kava Place.

Toso Viti, toso.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka



How has Fiji benefitted? I believe that’s what the people need to be told.

Dan Urai




Funny that Paul Geraghty mentioned about the names of the Italian rugby league team.

He should have watched the Australian Indigenous team play the All Stars. I don’t think any of the Taukei ni Qele team have Taukei names.

A lot of indigenous people now in Australia are blue eyed and blond, fair dinkum! Don’t we love the full stadiums?

Semi Lewanirabe

Aratula, Qld, Australia

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