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School fees

I just want to raise my concern on issues of payment of school fees assisted by FNPF.

My son is attending FNU doing a two-year program, CISCO.

FNPF has been assisting in paying for his fees for one and a half years until this last semester, when he was advised that they are no longer paying for short courses.

This was not a short course, it was a two-year program.

Can the FNPF chief executive officer explain why you are not paying for this CISCO unit, as I may see that this is not fair and we cannot afford to pay?

Taina Suka

Noatau Lane, Lautoka


to reality

Now back to reality.

Kangaroos are up next and at the past two world cups we lost to them in the semi-finals.

We didn’t only lose, but it was a thrashing.

A hiding more like it!

But I believe it won’t be this time around.

Toso Viti toso.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka


our landscape

Hats off to Mr Hazelman for his letter dated November 18, in our most read media The Fiji Times.

If destruction of our most prestigious vegetation continues, definitely, the map of Fiji Islands is well out of date.

Our geological department, if it does a new survey, I believe it will definitely show that our islands are in the shape of a ball rather than those curved and undulating ones that we had.

The Fiji Times, please help us protect our landscape.

Once again, let’s clean our back yards first then going on to our neighbour’s.

Satish Chand

Martintar Rd, Nadi



Yesterday morning at the Vomo St and Drasa Ave junction, one traffic police officer parked the police vehicle in the middle of the road.

While sitting on the driver’s seat, he was trying to direct traffic.

I am wondering if this is the new way of controlling traffic or was he too lazy to get down and direct traffic like he usually does.

Narayan Reddy


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