Officer of the law

OUR law enforcement officers need to be addressed on the difference between ethics and values and when and where they should apply.

Nowadays we have seen more often when there is a conflict of the two principles, I believe our officers choose to uphold values than ethics.

I refer to a case where an officer stopped a speeding government vehicle lately only to salute the occupants rather than giving a ticket.

I believe to stop a vehicle for the purpose of saluting the occupants does not deserve our respect. In fact I believe it tarnishes the image of the force.


Pita Soroaqali


7s happenings

THE midday news on November 8, 2017, TV One was a bit of a shocker when it came to the sports news with our 7s coach speaking and a name appeared at the bottom. The name of a prominent government official appeared, referring to the speaker. I guess it was an honest mistake.

Anyway, the Oceania 7s kicks off this weekend here. A lot of fans are hoping for Fiji to have a better outing than in their last two outings overseas, so fingers crossed we can only pray for our new lads to do their best and show the real Fijian flair of the 7s game and come out firing and go for gold.

Prayers are for you guys all the way. Just go out and prove your worth.

Richard Abel


Trump’s tour

IS Trump touring Asia as a salesman for the American military weapons making industry?

Rajend Naidu

Sydney, Australia

Labour policies

I believe it’s one nil so far until Tukai Lagonilakeba has the ability to make it one one.

Dan Urai


Dual citizenship

I am intrigued by the fact that the Australian Government is cracking down on MPs who have dual citizenships.

Some MPs have already lost their jobs.

I was wondering why?

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Prostate test

Just looking at the article (eFT 8.11.17) on the need for those of us over 50 to go for tests �? blood and finger.

My great friend from Qoma is quite comfortable about the blood test.

He is just wondering if the finger test is similar to that they administer to the ‘ta’ fish when checking for fatness.

If so, they will have a hard time catching him. He was a secondary school long distance champion.

Isimeli Nalomaca

Tuirara, Nasinu

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