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Hall of fame

I would still like the sports authorities to please elevate the Nadroga Rugby Union’s name to the Fiji’s Sports Hall of Fame.

They have tremendously performed to their very best these past years.

Alex Waqalevu


A good flush

BECAUSE of the ongoing drought, the Ba River hasn’t had a good flush for over seven months. Yes, even a river needs to have a bath to maintain her vibrancy.

But I wonder why the mussels here are sweeter than the rest?

Samu Railoa


Facebook post

Someone posted “agently looking for a 2 bedroom house for rent”.

Reminds me about a joke “don’t worry about the spelling as long as pronunciation is there”. No wonder the social network is called Facebook.

Not for educational purposes, but for your eyes only. LOL!

Pita Soroaqali


On the list

SO who is next on the resignation list?

Dan Urai


Fair pay

Vinaka Amit for your letter dated Thursday, November 2, 2017. I think you have asked for too much.

I believe what every Fijian should know is the exact pay, allowances, perks and privileges for each and every parliamentarian.

Please don’t leave the travelling allowances out.

I believe every Fijian has the right to know this so that they can negotiate their fair pay, perks and privileges.

Satish Chand

Martintar Rd, Nadi

The kingdom

Happy Constitution Day (4/11/2017) to Tonga and all Tongans.

It blows my mind to think that The Kingdom of Tonga had a Constitution enacted by King George Tupou I on November 4, 1875.

Korina Waibuta

Knollys St, Suva

Rain again

Rain, rain come again.

The ground is dry the children want to play.

The prolonged drought in the Lautoka basin surrounded by the Koroyanitu range of mountains at exactly 10 past four experienced heavy rain and went on.

We are glad that it has instilled hope and happiness to our farmers who rely on vegetables to sell in the market.

Even canefarmers are happy. Dust which had settled was being washed by the rain in some areas.

Alex Waqalevu


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