Many changes

I believe we have been subjected to so many changes which many of us do not like and yet we think we live in a democratic country. Sometimes I think I am being controlled.

Sukha Singh


Best of luck

For a team which had just entered the NRC competition this year, the results have been positive. However, the boys still need to keep their composure during the games and cut down on the penalty count. I would like to encourage the fans and public to get behind our boys, pray and release favour and blessings upon their lives. Go get them boys!

MS Kaleca


Traffic jam

I mentioned in this daily a couple of months ago that FRA can ease traffic jams by opening up three lanes from Nausori to Suva in the morning and vice versa after work. It will work … it’s just common sense.

Joe Matatolu

Waila 3A

Daylight saving

Daylight saving is really a blessing in disguise even though it’s always been a subject of controversy. I am looking forward to daylight saving. The extra hour of warm afternoons can be spent working in backyard gardens, power walking to burn those calories or just spending some quality time with the family. Upon hearing Allen’s plan of going jogging, it terrified me when I visualised him in jogging tights. Even gave me the goosebumps.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

Rainy day

You have to love my mates. Soon as it pelted with rain in Lautoka he posts on my Facebook page, “Allen can you tell the gang that went to Bonn about climate change to come back, the weather is getting better, it’s raining.” You know what I said? “Aw man, just leave them there, they need to do some sightseeing and shopping.”

Kaila! Same time I had a rain bath, well it’s been a long time. (Since I had a rain bath, not bathed.)

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Water please

I believe a great number of Fijians use water and not toilet paper. I believe installing taps on flexible hose in all public toilets is not too expensive and more hygienic. Can the powers that be stop the discrimination?

Dan Urai


Cash water

Could the WAF please implement a cash water system such as electricity to avoid unnecessary wastage from consumers and also to save costs with them. Any disconnection shall be the liability of the consumers. Just a thought.

Pita Soroaqali


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