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Bati legacy
We have seen the spine-chilling war cries from New Zealand, Tonga and Samoa during their opening Rugby League World Cup games. Fijians would also want the Fiji Bati to put in their own version of the cibi to counter the fierce challenge from the three nations. But the decision just to huddle and give praise to God the Creator through a hymn in the dialect is just glorious and heart-warming to watch. We are all hoping that the Bati will make it to the 2017 RLWC grand final, but if it does not, they will be remembered for singing a hymn of praise to God instead of the usual war cry or challenge. God bless you Fiji Bati.

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa


Bonn meet

A country as small as ours sending 50 people for a conference must have a real motive behind it. Hope all the hard work gives us a good return, otherwise you know where we’re heading to.

Nardeo Mishra


Water woes

THE Commissioner Western is advising the people in the West to use distributed water for their consumption and it’s not for washing or to be given to the animals (FT 01/11). Perhaps the restriction should also apply to the villagers’ consumption of grog. How can they enjoy that much-awaited evening mix when their dearly loved animals are dying of thirst? Please Lord shower some rain.

Rajnesh Narayan


Road to Napuka

For those who do not know, the Hibiscus Highway is the Savusavu to Napuka road.

Sukha Singh


Flickering lights

The other day while driving along Bau Rd, motorists were alerting others via the use of headlight flicking in regards to radar tip-off ahead. This concerned law-abiding officer who was in my cab. He started a conversation with me saying that it’s wrong for drivers to inform other drivers. My reply was, officer you may be technically correct, but have you ever heard of the word “road courtesy”.

Shamal Chand

Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

Traffic jam

THE best way for me to escape the traffic jam and busy lifestyle in Suva is coming to the highlands and relaxing. Trust me, for as long as I did not set foot on towns or cities, I did not spend a single cent whatsoever. As long as my WiFi data is available, I enjoy life just as you are in the cities, but on a different scale. Time does not dictate here. Food for thought aye!

Pita Soroaqali


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