Government issue

Save says in his letter, “The PM and his government … “

What happened to our government?

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Hearts and minds

THERE is no other way to beat them than to win the hearts and minds of the people. When you cannot beat them, be like them. Make them feel their own medicinal tactics and behavioural pride but be the person to win the understanding of the people.

However, they are domineering at this stage since they hold the key of the nation’s course and wealth and it is a flame burning in people’s mind.


Samabula, Suva

Forensic accountant

After reading the Auditor- General’s reports I have a suggestion to make and that is to appoint a forensic accountant to scrutinise the AOG’s reports. Even when Dr Biman Prasad was the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee they could not do anything about the misuse. I am sure the forensic accountant could easily find out where the unaccounted funds went to and recommend the appropriate charge for the person responsible.

Sukha Singh


Colour code

I believe the proposed village colour code policy uses three colours; green, yellow and red.

It reminds me of my driving instructor. The old soul used to make me memorise the colour meanings.

It would be interesting to find out what these colours delineate in terms of village colour codes. In all probability, red is for danger.

Inoke Tuirara

Maumi, Bau, Tailevu

Smooth skin

Chatting with these carpenters the other day revealed some interesting stuff. Their friends are turning a new skin these days.

Grog is too expensive and their kani is fast disappearing because of affordability issues. One of the two carpenters with limited vocabulary remarked that his friends (male) were now prettier than before (rather than handsomer)!

Wonder if price hikes for liquor and cigarette produce a similar result with lungs, hearts and kidneys!

Prettier or handsomer or just cleaner and healthier organs!

Donald Singh


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