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Resistant virus

Recent reports about babies dying while in hospital in Suva and discussions about bacteria are a topic of concern. Is this the tip of the iceberg? Are there bigger issues which the public ought to be aware of? Meanwhile, with the increasing cases of flu and boils, I believe it appears that germs and viruses are becoming more resistant to medication. Some say take antibiotics only when necessary. Others say to use traditional medicine. All in all, prevention is better than cure.

Floyd Robinson


Traffic disaster

I believe soon people will stop going out of their houses and the reason will be traffic jams.

Kirti Patel


Minimum wages

I was talking to this security officer and all of a sudden he was complaining about the minimum wage. His pay has now increased from the normal $2.50 an hour to $2.68 an hour, which is basically an increase of 18 cents. Any change is good but with 18 cents increase, I guess this is a matter of a joke as you can only buy a piece of chewing gum with that increased amount. Just put it this way, you have been advised that your wages will increase effective from your next pay day, I’m sure you will be jumping with joy at the news, but when pay day comes, the increase was 18 cents, how will you react? That is exactly how the security officer reacted. It is good news, but with no effect on the daily struggles.

Samuela Rareba

Raiwaqa, Suva

Slap or blessing

Most of us in Labasa and Vanua Levu think that moving the semi-finals and the final of the BOG tournament is not a blessing in disguise but a slap on our faces. But then again we are the disadvantaged lot, we pay more for the fuel and even pay more for the newspapers, but we are lucky we got Parmod Chand and Lorna Eden to represent us in Parliament.

Sukha Singh


No water

It’s so hard to live without water from the taps. Sigh. We are spoilt.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Break time

CAREFUL who you drink coffee with, you may be accused of collaboration.



Fair play

Before the BOG started I believe the Fiji FA said that if the Labasa team qualified for the semi-finals, matches would be held there, but they did otherwise and shifted matches to Nausori and Lautoka. Do you think this is fair play for the people of Labasa?

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