BOG saga

I feel it is unfair for Rewa or Labasa to travel to Lautoka after the semi-finals. Why couldn’t they finish the tournament in Labasa? Fans will have to pay $10 to watch one game of bazaar soccer.

Anish Chand


Football semis

Can the Fiji Football Association tell us why they have moved the Battle of the Giants tournament to Ratu Cakobau Park and Churchill Park? Is it all about making money? One of the coaches told me and Tevita Tukania, a former Labasa right winger, that Subrail Park has a very uneven surface and the ground is a metre short on all four sides.

Sukha Singh


Drug test

Good to see the Fiji Football Association doing random drug tests on players during tournaments. Can I suggest that Fiji FA start the drug tests from secondary school soccer tournaments. Nip the problem in the bud so the drug problem in all sports can be eradicated.

Narayan Reddy


Crowd turnout

Disappointing for Fiji FA, but I believe the turnout at the recent BOG tournament at Labasa is a sign of struggling times. It may improve if Labasa hosts the finals.

Dan Urai


Thanks officers

The work being done by our police and LTA officers around the country needs to be commended. Although it may be part of their work, these officers are definitely battling the tough side of the weather each morning to ease the flow of traffic and enable smooth road crossing at strategic areas. Thanks officers!

Ashish Nand

Narere, Nasinu


I may have missed out but I am curious to know if anyone from those big chairs have clarified the issues raised lately in regards to the E-ticketing system.

Kirti Patel


Black and blue

Half kava doped, listening to Raymond on the wire calling the game when Drudru scored really sounded like Codro! Me mates Amin, Munnu and I jumped for joy. Aha! we said, Ba will go to the finals. After a wee while, was not to be when Raymond’s call again came clearly through the background din, Drudru! Shoot! We got stuck halfway in the jump. Mate Narayan Reddy calls and rubs a bit-o-salt. Took it on the chin. Black and blue it is now. Nevertheless, kudos the Bluez boys.

Manoj Lal Patel

Drasa Ave, Lautoka

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