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First priority

WHAT should be our first priority? To fund Qorvis $1 million or dialysis $300,000?

Nardeo Mishra


Price control

NOW we have to dig deeper into our pockets to fork out more money for cigarettes, yaqona and alcohol. Any price control on such items?

Tahir Ali

Hamilton, New Zealand

Budget debate

MOST of the motions and comments put forward during the budget sessions in Parliament this week, in my opinion, require quite a bit of research to ensure that they lend credence to the intentions behind it.

Emosi Balei


Road condition

IF one wants to know about some dangerous roads of Fiji, I believe they should experience the ride from Wairiki, Taveuni, to the South of Taveuni. I recently took my Canadian niece to see the blowholes. All the time she was yelling OMG. I told her to think about those who travel by bus daily. The Fiji Roads Authority and LTA should do something before worse happens. The authorities should wake up.

Mukesh Chottu

Naqara, Taveuni

Getting old

AFTER Manny Pacquiao’s recent loss to Jeff Horn, his trainer Freddie Roach said: “Yeah, getting old sucks.” I giggled when I read this piece. True in a way, isn’t it.

Joeli Naleca


The Founder

IN the movie The Founder, Ray Croc advocated persistence as the reason for the success of McDonald’s. I have noticed such quality in our current budget debate and I do admire such personal inheritance.

Samuela B. Naicegucegu

Waya St, Lautoka

Civil duty

IF civil servants can imagine to look forward on a stable seat, a supportive team and a backing community, then he/she must not run, impose policies and implement changes in express mode, but gently walk the course with innovative and development ideas.


Samabula. Suva

Rugby legends

NEW 15s rugby union trophies and shield competitions will be coming up in the future. Could we possible name them after rugby legends? Two names come to mind – Joe Levula and Waisale Serevi. As for the 7s competition, could we name a trophy after Ben Ryan to commemorate his historic Olympic gold medal win. Trophies have been named after sponsors, of course because they have the money to spend. I am sure we can name a few after our legends. Don’t wait for our legends to pass away then do the naming.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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