Post conference discussions

WITH the UN Oceans Conference coming to an end a few weeks ago, is there a need for further discussions and awareness at national, provincial and community level on the implications of outcomes for Fiji.



Cold sessions

I often see people posting pictures of their grog session on Facebook.

In Fiji it has been cold recently. The pictures show the people all warmly wrapped in huge jackets and pompoms.

You wonder why we have so much NCDs?

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Water issues

I believe WAF needs to clarify why water cuts are happening these days given the technological advancement and the anticipation that they can do a better job than PWD Water Division.

It is frustrating to wake up every morning in the rush for work and church only to open the tap and no water coming out even though the big reservoir is just adjacent to the village.

We gave our land for the reservoir and we deserve better than just to be ignored.

Samuela B. Naicegucegu

Raralevu Village, Nausori

Rugby feast

It was a rugby feast at Eden Park when the All Blacks drew with the British and Irish Lions. Rugby union was the winner. Sadly I can’t say the same with the state of Lautoka rugby.

Dan Urai


Rugby report

I see a FT report on July 1 headlined Beaumont backs Ryan’s Pacific Super Rugby team plan.

May I humbly request Mr Beaumont to first get his basics sorted. That could have begun with the live coverage of a crucial World Cup encounter on July 8 where not a single Tongan, Fijian or Australian could see the game. Talk is cheap and we Fiji rugby supporters aren’t fools, Mr Beaumont.

Rajeev Sharma

Canberra, Australia

Non-smoking zone

Why is Lautoka City Council doing nothing about complaints on smoking in the new market which is a non-smoking zone. Do complainants need to pay a fee?

Dan Urai


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