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After seeing her picture, I know why Wisil is the fastest woman in the Pacific.

It is her muscles.

You just don’t get those muscles without training.

I hope in the near future to see some Fijian girls like Wisil.

Sukha Singh




Street names seem to be misspelled after installation of new street name plates.

I believe two that have been identified in Lautoka are “Amatai St” instead of “Aimatai St” and “Java Pl” is now “Sava Pl”.

Makes one wonder how those responsible are capable of making these minor spelling errors.

I suggest they secure the services of my kai Paula Qereti for spelling checks.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka



Many people rant on social media about having to wait so long at hospitals.

If you can’t appreciate the service, stay healthy and avoid going there. So you don’t have to complain.

One chap ranted about having to wait because the nurses were having tea.

Nurses are human beings, they have to eat.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka



It was very nice of Farzan to quit in the first round of their fight.

He didn’t have the reach or the fitness.

When you don’t have the fitness, even a light punch hurts.

I know because I also have fought without training a few times but I never quit like brother Farzan.

Sukha Singh




Does the FijiFirst Government remember the retired civil servants who are paid by Government. When will they raise their pension to address the present cost of living?

Please Minister for Economy do not forget the above people because they had done their utmost while they were still in employment and now they have retired.

Alex Waqalevu



and food

It is the in-thing now with some keeping away from eating all types of bread to shed the excess fat.

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