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A big vinaka vakalevu to your letters Mr Reddy and Mr Skiba 30/04/17. A day will come when we’ll say ‘Isa! Where is the varivoce?

And yes, I’ve used that Samabula intersection a couple of times and I thought all along that Capital City drivers are way too superior than drivers from the West such as us.

Savenaca Volau




EU has provided funding for training support to the sugar industry through the Australia-Pacific Technical College.

Unfortunately, I believe the canefarmers are once again not the direct beneficiary of the scheme. What purpose does such initiative serve if it does not assist the main players of the industry?

Shiraz Mohammed

NSW, Australia



So there are no graduates, I thought we were churning out so many that they had found it hard to find jobs. ( ST 30/4)

Health care is important, may I suggest that we pay the starting salary well to retain our doctors, otherwise we will need to fill the vacuum with expatriates who come at twice the cost.

Just like that song Where have all the flowers gone, now we sing where have all the graduates gone.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka



IT seems there is a lot of power blackouts and there are no normal meter reading, but I believe we are billed through an estimate reading.

FEA, please explain why this trend is practised or probably FEA would like to maintain the electricity usage from the last month and do an estimate for the new month.

Juki Fong

Nadawa, Nasinu



Shame on Sky Pacific for not airing the live boxing match yesterday morning as scheduled in your TV guide.

We managed to watch it live on the free to air channel FBC TV despite paying monthly subs with Sky Pacific.

It’s a pity that having this state of art dish on our roofs we still couldn’t watch it live, but all we needed was a simple antenna to watch this £30 million ($F81.56m) live boxing.

Please do not blame the satellite provider for the coverage problem. FBC TV did not disappoint their viewers.



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