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Voice and video loss

It’s high time and probably long overdue, I believe that Fiji One has to rectify the problem of voice and video loss.

I hope the management are fully aware of this continuing problem because it seems endless.

My frustration, may be very many others too, will not be able to sustain more and resort to the competitors.

Looking forward to Fiji One living by their own slogan “Always something good to come home to”.

Always loyal.

Sanjay Kumar


Killing civilians

HOW is the US Government any better than the Islamic State if both kill civilians?

Ashneel J. Prasad

Auckland, New Zealand

Recycle bottles

PET bottles imported from America are printed with 5c refund which I consider encourages the public that empty plastic bottles are of value, useful and recyclable.

If local companies that produce and sell their products, which come in various available brands and drinking flavours, could offer an attractive refund in comparison with the enormous revenue they generate in a year from the consuming public, I believe could persuade consumers not to carelessly throw away PET bottles but to collect a lot and get as much as necessary from selling them.


Samabula, Suva

Methylated spirit

With the increase in the price of beer and other alcohol, it looks like some people are purchasing methylated spirit to get drunk.

One can find a lot of people intoxicated with methylated spirits at the Lautoka bus station area.

Can the authorities change the colour of methylated spirits to deter people from drinking it.

Narayan Reddy


Prepare a budget

How about inviting the regular writers for both newspapers to help prepare next year’s budget Mr Sayed-Khaiyum?

Sukha Singh


Village bylaws

I believe no man is free who is not master of himself.

Dan Urai


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