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I loved the remarks made by commentator and former NZ 7s sensation Karl Te Nana: “Gareth Baber is building a squad and not a team of seven players”.

Indeed our 7s coach copped a lot of flak during the WRSS but he turned heads after guiding Fiji to winning the inaugural Hamilton 7s.

Since then Fiji finished third in Las Vegas and won the Canada 7s. In doing so, Fiji has beaten series leaders NZ and Africa three in a row.

Baber had requested fans to have patience and faith in the team. However, there were some who ridiculed him and his plans and had asked him to be sacked but little did they realise that Baber’s plans are paying dividends now.

Baber, who was emotional after the win in Vancouver, deserves a round of applause. To Baber, continue with the efforts.

It will take time but you are on the right track.

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam

Nadawa, Nasinu



The brave act by firefighters to retrieve the bodies of Merelesita Lutu and Iliesa Tawalo in the hills of Delaikoro in Macuata (FT 12/3) is an act absent of self-interest and self-centredness of own life. Such valiant act is noble. May God bless you!

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive Delainavesi



If Allen nearly passed out by seeing the price of imported lamb, I fear the worse for him when he finds out the price of local lamb.





I believe in politics the climb is always great but the fall, greater.

Dan Urai




We must praise pilot Ragg for his successful airlifting of the wreckage of the Cessna last week.

It must have been a nerve-racking operation that was conducted with competency.

The pilot commends the RFMF and the NFA.

Rightly so. There is a thought that what we say of others reflects on what we are ourselves. In pilot Ragg’s case, if you will excuse the pun, he goes to the “top of the tree”.

D Rawlinson


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