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Service delivery
Most medical personnel in public urban centres are quite helpful and not to mention, quick and efficient in their service delivery. Their work would be greatly aided with the use of technology such as computers and telephones. Only doctors seem to have access to these it seems whereas nurses still have to write everything down and the “lines” grow longer. Any chance they can be aided?

Joan McGoon

Jetpoint, Martintar, Nadi

Littering issue

I want to bring to light the issue of the ever increasing dumping of rubbish on roadsides, drains and creek at Saru Back Rd. There are certain irresponsible people around who dump anything from used baby diapers to sacks of empty cans and plastic bottles. Saru Back Rd is a picturesque landmark with creeks and rivers, farms, a dirt road, rolling hills and a backdrop of majestic mountains. I just hope certain people realise what they are doing to our beautiful environment and change their habits for the good of our nation.

Azeem Ud Dean


Cancer stats

Is cancer on the rise or the awareness program has gotten better?

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Campus bank

People who use the ANZ Bank within the USP campus have been notified that ANZ will be closing this branch on December 2. This ANZ Bank is very convenient for the public who live within the Laucala Bay area and the USP students. The other ANZ banks are in the centre of Suva City. To go down to the city is problematic. First, there is the traffic jam, then parking problems and the banks are almost always full. For USP students it is a sigh of relief that one does not need to leave the university for one’s banking needs. When it rains, which Suva is wellknown for the hurdle gets bigger. I wonder what the rationale is for the USP ANZ Bank to close. I pray that ANZ Bank in USP will reconsider its decision to close its much-needed service at the university. I hope USP does its utmost best to persuade ANZ to remain a part of the USP family.

Korina Waibuta


Christmas sale

Now the super “Christmas sale” begins. While it runs, let’s make the most of it. Then, we wait for “Back to school sale” and rest of them in the new year.

Suresh Chand


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