7s coach

Did Ben Ryan recommend Gareth Barber to be Fiji sevens coach?

Sukha Singh



Welcome to Fiji Gareth Baber.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Daylight saving

It’s waking up at 5am pretending it’s 6am, going to bed at 11pm knowing it’s midnight and grabbing a New Year’s kiss one hour before the real time.

I believe it’s the period where we all live a lie but regard it as normal.

Dan Urai


In the dark

So even NASA supported the fact that we are to expect 16 days of darkness in November, 2016.

OK, I am ready!

Joeli Naleca


The dollar

I believe devaluing the Fiji dollar would be out of question, but revaluing it would be the best option right now.

At least the ripple effect would favour those earning below the poverty line, won’t it?

Michael Mon Chambers

Kermode Road, Lautoka

Diwali songs

Sunday being Diwali I expected to hear Diwali songs on our Hindi radio stations throughout the day, but surprisingly, hardly any songs were played on the Hindi radio stations.

In previous Diwali, we used to hear Diwali songs the whole day, even if the songs were repeated two or three times.

The Government of the day has declared Diwali as a public holiday and the radio stations are showing their disrespect to prove what.

Maybe the Minister of Communications will look into this and let us know why they did that.

Nardeo Mishra


Kava Place

Our Kava Place is a serene little road.

Good neighbours and friendly public dogs.

The place is a buzz only three times — when the bottle collector, FEA van, or rubbish truck comes along.

I wonder why!

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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