I would urgently request the relevant authorities to deploy your pothole gang down to Borete Rd in Nadawa. The potholes are getting bigger by the day and if nothing is done about them soon some of the residents in Nadawa will use them for their lovo pit.

Juki Fong

Nadawa, Nasinu

Promo ads

I believe the so-called consumer watchdog must awake from its slumber and realise that a certain company has the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a prize in their promo. I normally don’t pay attention to detail in TV ads; however, this one couldn’t escape attention.

Donald Singh


Traffic flow

Well, Diwali is just around the corner and I must say the traffic in Lautoka City is terrible! Double parking tops the list and I tell you most of these drivers are just rude! I hope the relevant authorities will be looking into this and take most of these drivers to task! After all, road rules are meant to be followed!

Zane Young


7s coach

Before rugby gurus formally announce the new national coach, how will we fair without Ben Ryan? Will it be another international coach or a local? Could it be a female applicant? If men can coach our national women’s 7s team, why can’t a woman coach our men’s team. Whatever one’s views, let’s just get ready for the post Ben Ryan period. Life has to move on but for now Ryan will go down as one of our most successful and a favourite national coach.

Floyd Robinson



Texted a friend, “There’s one amputation in Fiji every eight hours.” Reply was, “io eh, I just can’t believe it.” Hahaha!

But seriously Fiji, this ain’t a laughing matter. Be conscious of your diet and put an end to that sedentary lifestyle.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

Police posts

THE construction of police posts in densely populated areas is most welcomed for the people.

Police also know crime infested areas. Foot patrols must be strengthened to take police to the people. Supporting arms to combat crimes is a good idea but not with the military.

Keep it with the police force. I believe we should restore and activate the Police Tactical Response Unit. The unit should be given training in small arms and unarmed combat and martial arts is a must, and they must be fit and alert at all times.

Leave the military to do their own work. Let the police fight crime.

Alex Waqalevu

Waiyavi, Lautoka

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