Soccer season

Didn’t the Fiji FA change its soccer season to align it with the European League a year or two ago?

I thought the season began with the IDC, not ended with it. So why the need to rush into finishing the VFL by the end of this year?

Happy Diwali.

Praneet Singh

Sacramento, CA

Mangrove planting

A big thank you to the management and staff of FNPF Lautoka for planting mangroves at Natabua seaside. Mangroves play a very important part in our marine ecosystem.

Everywhere one goes around Fiji a lot of mangroves are destroyed for the sake of development and very few are planted. Lately I saw the mangroves that were planted in Sigatoka growing very well and the same can be said about Natabua.

Vinaka FNPF for thinking about our future generations.

Narayan Reddy



Last year I referred to Bob Dylan in one of two articles on literacy titled a ‘Literary death’ (FT 4 Sept and The Sunday Times 6 Sept).

I cited him as an exemplar of the art of oral literature and explained how the oral tradition might impact beneficially on writing and reading. So it is nice to know I’m not alone: Dylan has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Songsters, schools, and teachers take note.

Christopher Griffin

Perth, Western Australia

7s coach

I suggest we hire Ratu Peni Rayani for the Dubai and SA sevens in December 2016, to plot good wins and cement a good start to the World Series points. Then Ben Ryan can focus on 15s rugby from early 2017 and other sevens teams start the chase.

Rayani can come back and coach, counsel the final two legs to win the title.

Kon roki….koi roko.

Shalwin Prasad

Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

School zoning

Much has been said about zoning in our daily papers. I believe it is the interest of the child that will make the difference in any school, not the specific school as chosen by some. When parents put a hundred per cent interest in their children’s education; the result is always promising.

So let us support our good minister in his effort to create the difference in education for our young generation.

Shiu Kumar

Field 40, Lautoka

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