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$10m injection
I believe Government, as confirmed by Mr Sayed-Khaiyum in Parliament, is prepared to fork out $10 million to host a HSBC sevens tournament. I believe we should fix the players’ terms and conditions of contract first.

I’m sure it will be much less than $10m.

Dan Urai


Dream team

I thought veteran Sevuloni Mocenacagi deserved to be named in the Vancouver dream team. After his tremendous display on attack and defence, Sevu was named the player of the final, but I am happy that the off-loading King from Yasawa Kalione Nasoko and the “Sledgehammer” and Suva gasman Eroni Sau made the team alongside Kenya’s hard-hitting forward Oscar Ouma and veteran try-scoring machine Collins Injera, South Africa’s robust forward Dylan Sage, Australia’s rising star John Porch and the fastest man on the circuit Perry Baker.

Congratulations Nasoko and Sau for making the Vancouver dream team. You deserve a spot because you have worked hard over the weekend to give Fiji a title and bury the winless ghost in Vancouver.

Please do not run away to 15s because the world has yet to see the best from you!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam

Nadawa, Nasinu

New class

We are continually told that discrimination against people based on racial/religious grounds is against the law, quite rightly so.

However, I believe the Attorney-General appears to have created a new class of Fijians in his comments about the proposed “upgrades” of the Ba and Lautoka hospitals.

He states that “ordinary” Fijians will not have to pay extra costs to visit these hospitals, which is, one supposes, a good thing. However, what if you are not an “ordinary” Fijian, whatever the definition of that is, perhaps he could advise us.

What do “unordinary” Fijians have to pay?

Allan Loosley

Kavika St, Tavua

Honey shortage

It seems there is an acute shortage of good quality honey in the country.

I have checked many supermarkets, most don’t have it.

I would urge the Government to lift any restriction, if there are any, on the importation of good quality honey from overseas.

Ajay Singh


Riding a bicycle

BOY, I have not seen any minister riding a bicycle to and from work, or have I missed seeing one in the media after the entourage returned from Bonn, Germany?



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