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Fair play
I’d like to add my name to those of Professor Vijay Naidu and Kiniviliame Keteca who have kindly asked authorities to allow ANU Prof Brij Lal and his wife Padma back into the country. They are honourable people, gold medallists of another kind, and as a nation of good sports we know the meaning of fair play.

Christopher Griffin

Perth, Australia

Sprint king

If sprint king Banz is all set for rugby 7s than by 2020 he should run the 100m below 10 seconds. He will create havoc in open space and just imagine combining him with the “Bus” Tuisova. Wow kon roki?

Go Fiji.

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place, Suva

Police training

A humble request if the Fiji Police Force can look into how training is carried out early in the morning by some of its officers. They are running in the middle of the road without reflector vests or proper safety gear and divert and confuse cars which could result in serious road accidents. This is an continuing issue and not first time. A request to please use footpaths that are there and to follow road rules.

Jainesh Prasad

Nadawa, Nasinu

Cyclone season

We are into another cyclone season and I have been told that some people who received Government electronic cards have not received the hardware supplies they ordered. Upon enquiring, one old-timer was told the hardware would be delivered in due course. Can the authorities concerned advise us what’s the meaning of due course?

Narayan Reddy


Boxers excuse

The humour in Fiji boxing is, before the boxing event, you get to see boxers training and sweating it in the gym and right after the boxing event, the boxer states he was not fit enough and there was less time for preparation.

Suli Tokalau


Weather advice

We should never equate the “little boy crying wolf” scenario with a meteorologist’s precautions and scientifically-based predictions that do not materialise. Such as wearing seat belts, life jackets or taking blood pressure medications, consistent preventive medicine as well as preventive protection can save your life, and unwavering preparedness is priceless. Never forget that. The next time the weatherman has a concern, listen and heed the advice.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

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