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The best

Kameli Rakoko is the best sports review journalist in the game. His post analysis reviews and feedbacks are a delight to read and he is always on top of the game. I am already looking forward to his post analysis on the Rio Sevens. He is also a good potential manager for the sevens team in the future. Go Kameli. Go for gold.

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place, Nabua

Membership bid

The chiefs of Vanuatu are pushing for the full membership of West Papua in the MSG. I’ve always wondered why other Melanesian countries including Fiji are keeping their brother man out.

Dan Urai


Binge drinking

It’s funny how some individuals can easily afford a case of beer or two but are quick to protest and whine about the price of vegetables in the market. Someone has pointed out correctly in this column; binge drinking is indeed plaguing Fiji and unruly drunks are becoming a common sight. An annoyance to our society indeed.

Nishant Singh


Best message

While searching for some good channel to watch one night, I came across a preacher called Joel Osteen. He said there were a lot of people who needed help and God wanted you to be the miracle for those who needed help. I think it was the best message I came across in a very long time. I hope this is the type of message that should be preached in every temple and church.

Sukha Singh


Crime trends

Not water, but crimes, murder, sexual offence, domestic violence, rape, hit-and-run accidents, and cyber-crimes. I believe a new trend of crimes and other forms of violence are on the rise. What can be the missing link, how can we seek solution? I believe punishments should be strengthened within the law. Other views and suggestions readers?

Neelz Singh


Rainy season

As we head into the rainy season, can the Fiji Bus Operators Association and Land Transport Authority please see that buses are fit to travel in. The condition of the curtains on some buses are torn and some passengers arrive at their destination soaked from the rain! Then we have the buses with sliding windows which have zero ventilation when closed. While the FBOA and LTA are at it, please come down hard on bus companies that don’t bother to clean their buses at the end of a business day. Appalling is an understatement to describe the litter we see when boarding dirty buses first thing in the morning.

Tania Shepherd


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