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Monster storm
Although there’s a mentality that disasters provoke frenzied selfishness and brutal survival-of-the-fittest competition, the reality is that people coping with a crisis are actually quite altruistic. That’s what we’re already seeing in the places worst hit by monster storm Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston. In the coming days, we’ll be seeing altruism, co-operativeness, and camaraderie among the affected population. God bless Fiji.

Wise Muavono
Balawa, Lautoka

Awesome paper

Psst, yes The Fiji Times is awesome. Heck, if I can get access to copies that go back to when I wasn’t born, that’s awesome.

Allen Lockington

Mulomulo, Nadi

Online update

To the radio station whose announcer was telling people to connect to their website for further updates regarding Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston, I just want to tell you to grow up and think about the people who do not have power or a phone connection. How do you think we will connect unless you give us a generator?

Narayan Reddy


Emotional pics

My eyes rolled in pain seeing all the devastating pictures and videos of the cyclone aftermath in Fiji. All I can do from here is pray for speedy recovery. While we appreciate the aid and contributions from those living abroad and our neighbouring countries, I also sympathise with those who lost their loved ones. To all my friends, families and readers of this column, do let me know if I can be of any help to you or your loved ones. I can be contacted on moses.mani84@gmail.com. Fiji will rise and shine again.

Moses Mani

Auckland, New Zealand

National priority

OUR nation, our priority. Sad, it’s not in the priority of the people!



Fiji Airways

After avoiding the Nadi-Hong Kong route, I was pleasantly surprised on a recent trip. Service was superb and the food comparable with other airlines.

Dan Urai


Rekindled love

Darkness resulting from the recent power cuts is having a direct influence on people’s love lives. Talking recently to a gentleman from Nadi, he remarked that he managed to stay up all night on Saturday telling stories with his wife. Previously, he would be drinking grog at home or at his friend’s place until the early hours of the morning. To his wife’s delight, she had more quality time with her husband. More importantly, it rekindled a spark in their love life. All in all, in the midst of darkness there was much light in their love life. There is hope even in times of darkness.

Floyd Robinson


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