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Safety of workers

I must applaud the LCC for the pruning of tree branches on Sunday near the children’s park. My only request to the council is for the workers to be provided with proper gear. Workers were seen without ear muffs, gloves and safety glasses while operating the chainsaw. The overalls worn, hard hats and shoes were to OHS standard but the work being done needs more than these items. Even the person conducting the traffic had no reflector vests.

Suli Tokalau




I believe controversies in boxing promotions is a norm in Fiji and the BCF must take full responsibility for what recently transpired. One thing I have learnt is never to buy boxing tickets in advance.


Rewa St, Suva


as one

SINCE they run the show, can the FijiFirst Government appeal to the honourable members of the august House to bring their water bottles from home? I can understand the volume of money used on getting plastic water bottles to every Parliament sitting which is not a good example for the role models of this island nation championing environment stewardship and fighting climate change. With parliamentarians bringing their own water bottles, the august House can practically provide water storage tanks with filters for members to refill when needed. I hope that the members of the august House will think as one and to begin with a new chapter, vinaka.





Possess a full or provisional driving licence for manual vehicles only. Be able to swim. OK does manual licence defer from auto and how about swimmers from non-swimmers? My suggestion is give them a test. Never rely on a driving licence and those who said they could swim. Off-load them at the entrance of Suva Harbour and let swimmers swim and non-swimmers, tow them towards Nasese foreshore where they can catch the Nasese bus back home. Never let creepers and leapers in. Simple!

Pita Soroaqali




I have a feeling some assistant ministers are too shy to stand up and talk in Parliament. But I could be wrong. Nah!

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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