Thank you

Although taxi and carrier operators pay for the base they use in all towns, most of these bases lack the everyday basic need of water and sanitation. Despite the setback, the group happily serves you. Their incomparable dedication is highly appreciated. Without them, your transportation is greatly affected. Thank you.

Suresh Chand


7s thumping

Our 0-31 thumping last Sunday by the Boks was a blessing in disguise. Trust me.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

No Opposition

Someone once speculated about how our Government would function without an Opposition. Well, with NFP’s unforeseen suspension, I guess we are about to find out.

Nishant Singh


Raj and Tuks

I still reminisce about the time when the 7s coach and management used to take some waka overseas to post-mortem previous games when technology was a bit scarce or nil. Can Raj and Tuks fly to Ratu Veni and his crew with some local brew?

Joji O Toronibau


Sevens squad

It’s high time Ben Ryan includes Tuks and Raj in the squad. Their body shape, while deceiving, is their lethal weapon. With a bit of alienated herbs from the Muloxians, together with their strict strong waka diets, they should be randy and ready.

Usaia Tagi


Zika virus

With the Zika virus being declared an international emergency, should we be worried at home? Let’s just hope that it does not reach Fiji.

Floyd Robinson


Audit reports

In light of the National Federation Party’s suspension, could the Fiji Institute of Accountants shed some more light on audit reports by unqualified and unregistered accountants in Fiji? Are these reports still valid or not? As far as I know, these reports have been accepted by members at the annual general meetings.

Sukha Singh


Women’s rights

Spot on, Inoke Tuirara (FT 30/01). Give up your seat when the bus is full, and she will grab it square-faced. But don’t bother trying to understand. Just love them. Sometimes I wonder if this women’s rights thing is slightly over-rated?

Samu Railoa


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