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Rural schools

I believe schools in rural areas are disadvantaged in terms of coverage. Who will assist them if government cannot do so?

Dan Urai,


Rugby tackles

With defence including rough and aggressive tackles becoming a crucial part of international sevens rugby competitions, one wonders whether this has a post-game effect on the bodies? Human beings are not machines and as such their bodies will give way to wear and tear either sooner or later.

How do they manage and react to pressure situations at home or in their communities? Are they able to react in a calm and less aggressive way? All in all, let’s just hope that our national sevens reps are getting much needed rest, recovery and have supportive families and community members.

Floyd Robinson,


Online Bill

Allen my boy, will you be sending a written submission expressing your views on the Online Safety Bill? You should since you are constantly online. I heard that even when you’re asleep your fingers are still typing. Kemudou!

Wise Muavono,

Balawa, Lautoka.

Past politicians

If we accept what A Shariff Shah says (FT 23/3) then we have to accept that all “past politicians” were demons and present ones are angels. Is he another unofficial spokesman from Savusavu for those in power in Fiji?

Rajend Naidu,

Sydney, Australia.

Company slogan

Clean water for better life.

I believe the above slogan is for the Water Authority of Fiji.

It’s proudly advertised on their vehicle doors.

I hope the WAF understands what the slogan means.

For us Savusavuans, it’s neither clean water, neither better life, because of it.

A Shariff Shah,


English please

Some radio announcers have funny pronunciations… Barbados (“Barbeidos”) is pronounced “Barbarbos”. Jaguares (“Harguares”) is “Jahguares”. Come on guys silent “jay”. I remember one guy who went to the US of A and got so used to the silent “jay”…. when asked when he was coming back home, “I don’t know, maybe Hune or Huly?”

Come on guys “who English you?”

Joe Matatolu,

Waila 3A

Which is vital

What is more important, a graduation ceremony or a budget consultation?

Allen Lockington,

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka.

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