Maintenance of road

The new stretch of road from Laqere Bridge to Valelevu has been over one and a half years since its completion and today when travelling you would notice grass growing in the islands in the middle of the road. Drainage is blocked by debris that cannot go through and loose gravel and soil is not removed. Who is responsible for this, those who made the road or the municipal council of that particular area?

Tomasi Boginiso


Cost of an injection

I just found out from a Lautoka pharmacy that the cost of one injection for meningococcal is $250. Wow!

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Degree holder

I am afraid I have to disagree with Amenatave Yaconisau’s view that “we can easily tell those who have a degree” (FT 28/3). I believe some with a degree show a shocking lack of ability to do any clear thinking let alone demonstrate “critical ability”.

It leaves one wondering what their higher education was about because often we get ordinary folks/villagers without a degree making more sense with what they say. And here, I am not even talking about that other variety of degree holders who do the dirty on their community.

Rajend Naidu

Sydney, Australia

Correct reference

I thank The Fiji Times for the coverage of our team’s submission on the Online Safety Bill to the Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights. This wonderful newspaper reported that the submission was made by SODELPA Youth, of which I am a member.

In fact, the submission was made by a group of, fellow, concerned youths. The views and recommendations presented were our own and not that of SODELPA Youth. The SODELPA Youth will present their submission at a later date.

Samuela Savu,

Farm Road, Nakasi

* Editor: An official alert was received from Parliament on Tuesday that the SODELPA Youth Council would make a presentation on the Online Safety Bill before the Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights.

Questions in Parliament

I could not agree more with Vijay Maharaj (FT 27/03) with the questions asked by Government members to their ministers in Parliament which to me appeared to be efforts by Government to advertise its performance on TV. It looks as if the answer to the question was already known to the member asking.

I feel that it is Government’s responsibility to carry out these developments and should not be touted around as something special. Neither should it be compared with previous governments. After all it is the people’s money.

Emosi Balei


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