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In Parliament

I believe unequivocally, the Attorney-General possesses high aptitude and intelligence coupled with nous and political gumption esteemed by most but envied by some. However, in the House of Parliament, I believe it’s only prudent that designated ministers answer questions pertaining to their respective ministries.

Desolately, denying them is depriving their capabilities as politicians for the very purpose they were elected in the Parliament.

Ravind Chandra Naidu,

Tua Tua Branch Rd, Labasa

Facebook users

Has anyone noticed the current behaviour of Facebook users during formal conversations or yaqona sessions?

They pretend to listen and contribute to the conversations which is more useful and at the same time fix their eyes on their cellphone screen.

Who are they trying to fool?

Can’t serve two masters at the same time.

It was already written.

Pita Soroaqali,


Best coach

Gareth Baber you are actually the best coach. You have the most number of new players in your team. Like I commented before, you are about to catch the big one and I hope it is the Hong Kong 7s title.

Sukha Singh,


Water bottles

ALL school students are encouraged to bring water bottles to school and parents are reminded to provide a water bottle for their children as an obligation of the school.

To start from the decision-makers, I wonder if the honourable Education Minister takes his own water bottle to work, reality check.



Cycling to work

If the Mayor of London can cycle and catch the public transport to work, why can’t our council CEOs?

Wise Muavono,

Balawa, Lautoka

Banned phones

Would the Telecommunication Authority of Fiji consider replacing the banned DECT phones with the approved version free of charge because these banned phones were used in Fiji well before the 3G or 4G network were introduced. Why should the people pay for the repercussions of a decision which was not of their making?

Emosi Balei,


Strike issue

The ATS saga is finally over but what happened to the longest striking workers in Fiji’s history. I believe the Vatukoula strike has not been sorted out.

Dan and Felix can you look into this issue? Many governments have changed but I believe the strike issue has not been solved.

Narayan Reddy,


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