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TC Josie issue

Last week’s power outage by FEA was unfortunate and untimely, especially during the ravages of Tropical Cyclone Josie (most were unaware of its name) when people depended on news and communication from Disaster Management teams on weather alerts and updates. As FEA informed the public of power outage, my query is, why during the long Easter weekend? I believe Mr Patel’s backup generator plan certainly did not work during last weekend’s cyclone and flooding. With three public holidays and civilians uninformed of updates, I believe someone should be taken to task.

Finau Naigulevu Turaga

Nadi Airport


While driving past Nakasi I noticed a certain primary school, “Saint Joseph The Worker” which has constructed a sheltered walkway about 300 metres long to keep students, parents, teachers from getting wet on rainy days. One question came to mind, why don’t businesses do the same for workers’ welfare? This little gesture will certainly go a long way for any business.

Angelin Reena


Climate change

Now we really are experiencing the effects of climate change.

Dengue fever is on the increase. Next comes meningococcal. Let us please work together to prevent or stop this. We need to work hand in hand with the medical authorities. Nowadays some diseases when being stopped or prevented tend to persist. We often think twice about them. Let’s hope this time it is 100 per cent right.

Alex Waqalevu


Hydro dams

With so much rain our hydro dams must be full to overflowing. I was just thinking about my electricity bill.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

We never learn

After numerous warnings on any natural disaster, we continue to gamble with mother nature. Whether it is negligence or making wrong decisions, it can lead to injury or loss of life. We can be so rebellious at times.

Pat Vuli


Blame game

Funny whenever there’s flooding somewhere, the government is blamed. Soon they’ll also be blamed for the severe weather. Hahaha.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka

Dignity in defeat

After losing his fight against Britain’s Joshua, the NZ’s Parker said he lost to a bigger and better man on the day (Yahoo 7 sports 1/4). The New Zealander demonstrated the true spirit of sports. He showed dignity in defeat. That’s something that’s increasingly lacking in today’s sports culture of winning at any cost.

Rajend Naidu

Sydney, Australia

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