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Just imagine how will a person earning $150 a week be able to purchase these vaccines when a family member is sick from meningococcal disease.

JF Chew

Jakarta, Indonesia

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THE word “be prepared” should be a household line to all who are literate and please always remember the four elements of nature. We can be bracing for strong winds but surprised by the strength of water creating floods and even death. The adverse weather is not done with us yet. Do remain vigilant and stay safe.

Pat Vuli



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I live in Nausori and if I was working for Fiji Roads Authority based at their head office in Suva, then I would come late to work every working day and use “traffic jam” as an excuse. FRA would not have taken any disciplinary action against me, or would they?

Vinesh Prasad

Vuci Rd, Nausori



WE cannot be nostalgic about previous performance to bring victory in Hong Kong. Some of these are about 20 years back, and we cannot reminisce of the past and hope it will bring fortune. The past is done and dusted, gone! This is deceitful and deceiving.

Amenatave Yaconisau

Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Issue of


IF we wish to worship God, we worship ourselves first because in our own worship, God’s worship is taken care of simultaneously. So take good care of yourself in every possible way. You have heaps to gain. Care involves not just the body. It includes the mind and emotions too that are so vital. Then you will be a kind of superman.

Hassan Ali

Vitogo Pde, Lautoka

Here we


Hong Kong here we come! That’s Fiji for you, with our heroes of past tournaments giving their ideas and advice for our gladiators this week. Let us remember those who gave their time and put their bodies on the line for Fiji. It was so good to see Waisale Serevi and Delasau speaking out for our lads and hoping for a good outing this week. So with that said and with our prayers going out to our warriors, let’s keep the faith and remember players like Delasau who said we all want our team to win. The main part is to know that they have done the hard yards and have a good chance to win, so four times in a row would surely be cream on the cake.

Richard M. Abel


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