Ban it

CAN the relevant authorities see to it that paraquat be banned from our nation. It is extremely dangerous to our health and it is a pollutant to the environment. Many lives have been lost and cut short because of this toxic product. Ban paraquat use immediately.


Nailuva, Raiwai

Gastric tip

TO all those who are suffering from gastric. Scrape out two teaspoons of gel from the aloe vera leaf. Whisk in half a glass of water and drink. Be careful not to include the skin of the leaf. This home remedy is for short-term relief. It may feel yucky but it works. For permanent relief, remove fried foods, flesh and dairy from the diet; keep away from alcohol and cigarettes and drink plenty water.



World ranking

CONGRATULATIONS to Fiji football on their latest world ranking of 199, especially to those running the association. I envy their commitment and sacrifice for their almost achievable aim of reaching the back of the pack (209).


Balawa, Lautoka

Taxi service

AS the carnival season hits our city, I can see a need for more taxis in Lautoka. Most taxi operators go home by seven or eight at night. When the people look for taxis, they can’t find any. This is the reason for illegal private cars and vans. The taxi unions are always complaining about illegal operators. They should come to Lautoka and see for themselves how our people suffer because the taxis are not providing services.



Wage rate

I BELIEVE the Government is defending the low minimum wage because of free tuition, free milk and Weet-Bix, free bus fare, etc. While some employers agree that $2.32 is too low a wage rate to improve a workers living standard.



Nakelo bridge

THIS might not be the way to voice a concern but I would like to send another request to the relevant authorities through this column, that the bridge is losing its banks and thousands of people living on the other side would be affected if it is not looked into urgently. This bridge is located in Nakelo, Tailevu just past the popular Ram Singh store. The villages on the other side are Naimalavau, Vaturua, Matainoco, Naisogoivau, Buretu, Nabouciwa, Daku, Nasilai, Vadrai, Muanaira and Kiuva. We hope our request will be met accordingly.



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