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Fix road


Can Fiji Roads Authority please fix the road along Vomo St first before doing the footpaths along the same road. FRA needs to get its priorities right as thousands of vehicles use that road every day. The cyclone has gone, what are you waiting for?

Narayan Reddy


Rubbish collection

THE rubbish around Lautoka has not been cleaned by the Lautoka City Council. It’s more than four weeks and the council hasn’t cleaned most streets around the city. I hope they won’t blame the cyclone for the rubbish.

John Brown

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

Retirement issue

FOR all of us who’ve reached the official retirement age in Fiji, why do we have to pay tax? After all we’ve given all our working lives to paying tax. Not paying tax, what a great incentive for retirees to establish new businesses and to contribute again to the economy. For all the retired farmers, keep going, I believe you never had to pay tax anyway! I believe tax paid by yaqona farmers would far outweigh the tax contribution presently being paid by retirees.

Geoff Taylor




IS there any way the investigator could find out if there was an instrument failure before the plane crash at Delaikoro?

Sukha Singh




ONE factor we seem to continuously ignore is how development causes massive flooding, erosion and deforestation. The Nadi area with most flooding experienced, would be those whose natural waterways have been landfilled and trees cut for development without proper replanting programs. When nature rears its head, it will take back its natural pathway and causeway resulting in flooded bridges, creeks, broken roads and landslides. Perhaps it’s time to seriously consider nature and its repercussions to avoid catastrophic results as currently experienced in Fiji.

Finau Naigulevu Turaga

Nadi Airport



IT has been noted that prices of the following: batteries, candles, torches, bottled water, hurricane lanterns, lamps, etc., were increased. I believe some traders took advantage of people’s hardships by increasing prices of goods which were not under price control. This was very inhumane of them. They should be helping them in times of hardship. Very bad.

Paras Naidu


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