Quick treatment crucial for stroke patients

2018 World Stroke Day theme: Up Again After Stroke. Picture: SUPPLIED

A PERSON suffering from stroke could have permanent brain damage if not treated early, says the president of Counterstroke Fiji, Elizabeth Reade Fong.

Ms Fong said if a person was seen to be suffering from a stroke, they needed to be taken to the hospital.

“You have to remember that the longer the stroke remains untreated the bigger the chances of the brain being permanently damaged,” she said during their workshop for caregivers in Suva yesterday.

“If you see someone having a stroke, the important thing is to get them to the hospital for treatment.”

She said normally in our culture the first thing we do was to take the patient to a village doctor or a prayer group.

“I always tell everybody God gave the doctors the talent and the knowledge to help so pray to God to give the doctors the knowledge to help the patient.”

She said a stroke was always a medical emergency.

“It’s not like ‘OK I will just wait for two or three days then we take them to the hospital’. No, the person is suffering, the pain is coming from the head and it needs to be treated by a medical professional,” she said.

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