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Budget talks
It was reported in the media that the Minister for Economy had begun the budget consultation process at FNU this week.

From the brief clip that was shown, I believe it appeared to be a briefing on Government’s performance.

Emosi Balei,


Boxing greats

Yes, Tomasi Tavakatoga, your letter (FT/ 19/3 Our boxing scenario), boxing was the pride of sports in Fiji.

Boxing programs coincided with the PWD and Ports workers’ payday then. Good to hear from you sir, I saw a couple of your fights. Fighters were so dedicated then.

If I am not mistaken, I saw your fight with the purest hardest puncher from Fiji, Nadro’s Saiyad Hassan. If no, then please excuse my memory since that was more than 40 years ago!

Susen Sakal,

Hayward, USA

Big savings

For the past four years, I believe the assistant ministers in our government have kept quiet and did not say much in debates. I am of the view that the Government does not need assistant ministers.

It will be a big savings for the government and I am sure the government will be able to utilise that money somewhere else.

John Brown,

Drasa Vitogo, Lautoka

The people

I believe there is nothing new with people resigning, sacked or otherwise and government responding. Move on people nothing new!



Same warning

Police Commissioner has again issued the same warning issued by his predecessors on vehicle abuse and accidents by his officers.

That’s a norm Mr Commissioner and we were born to err. Just like marijuana cultivation. Battle it in, battle it out. Day in, day out!

Pita Soroaqali,


Bus cameras

MAYBE it is about time for bus companies to install video cameras in their buses which can help bus owners identify mischievous passengers.



Gun madness

A nine-year-old boy shot his 13-year-old sister dead with a shot in the back of her head after she refused to hand over the controller of a video game to him (Yahoo!7 news 20/3). Not too many Americans would be surprised by the shooting given America’s gun culture and the fact that such incidents are “not rare”.

It’s nice to live in a country that is not plagued by that perverse culture.

Rajend Naidu,

Sydney, Australia

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