Questions raised over township

QUESTIONS as to when Navua will officially be declared a town were raised during the Namosi Provincial Council meeting yesterday.

A village district representative, Samisoni Tuilawaki said, “We need to be aware of this change because we have some surrounding villages.”

“They first need to confirm boundaries, the town area that is,” he said.

“We have been hearing of this change but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Government representative, Vitale Varo said Navua was going to be declared a town, however, the time when this would be implemented was yet to be confirmed. Mr Varo said the Navua Rural Local Authority was given a $30,000 grant this year.

“This amount is used to pay for the authority’s officials, pay for the expenses and also cater for other developments in Navua. This amount is not enough to help upgrade Navua to become a town but I can assure you that Navua will be declared a town.”

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