Quantity or quality

THE initiative by our Government in having education accessible to everyone is commendable and I must say it’s about time.

Now they are re-introducing the major exams again and I applaud that move, but then they are moving the entrance marks into university down so that everyone will have the chance to get it. Now let’s just think about that. Are we going for quantity or quality?

The reason there is a high standard set by the universities is because they want people who are willing to work hard, and not just float through the system and thus not flood the market with people who have certificates but have little knowledge of what it means.

I believe free and easy education should just reach Year 8 — whatever or wherever the child reaches after that should be on their own initiative because let’s face it, some of us were just not made for university.

Let them begin to earn their way up the ladder and in doing so we can tackle simple issues as pollution.

Let’s choose quality education over quantity. Let’s make our nation one that wishes to work hard and is responsible.

Let’s work together for a better Fiji.


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