Quality writing instruments

Dewashna Prasad of Vatuwaqa with Nataraj pens at MHCC. Picture: AJESH SAGAR

THE Nataraj line of stationery which is a household name in India has also become very popular in Fiji because of its supreme quality and competitive prices.

Delighting consumers with globally recognised stationery and premium quality writing instruments that ensure impeccable quality standards, Nataraj is with you all the way for imagination, creativity and fun!

Nataraj line of stationery is manufactured by Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd which was established in 1958 and is the largest pencil manufacturing company in India.

“Our commitment to quality, competitive pricing and our enormous manufacturing capacities have carried our products well beyond the Indian shores,” the company states on their Facebook page.

“Nataraj is committed to manufacture and market quality products of international standards at competitive prices and we are happy to market their products into every corner of Fiji,” Motibhai Group marketing manager Abraham Gomes said.

“Whether you need items for your home, school or office, the Nataraj line of quality writing instruments and stationery have you fully covered,” Mr Gomes adds.

“Nataraj is also an ideal choice for students and teachers alike. With only 10 days remaining for the first school term of the year, Nataraj will ensure that both students and teachers are well equipped to enter their respective school premises with confidence.”

Nataraj pens, pencils, colours, speciality pencils (ideal for drawings), sharpeners, erasers, drawing/geometry sets, rulers and wax crayons are available at stationery outlets, supermarkets and stores Fiji-wide and distributed by Motibhai Group — bringing quality products for you and your family.

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