Quality of candidates

In order to become a nurse, teacher, police officer, doctor, lawyer, or a boat captain there are clear defined requirements, but the criteria needed for political candidates and leadership here in Fiji doesn’t exist at all.

Politics is a tough profession and requires distinct areas of expertise.

No doubt if any of the newcomers make it into Parliament they will struggle to adapt.

Already several of them have made mistakes simply because they do not understand the unique rhythms of politics.

Several have made superficial comments without thorough thought and consideration.

In politics there is nowhere to hide. You don’t have an option but you must face the nation and be answerable to everything you say.

To become a good politician one must have exceptional range of skills. The nation expects candidates to at least be competent and honest.

After reading comments from candidates about why they have chosen to contest this year’s election and further comments on social media one can’t help but question the quality of all the candidates vying for this year’s election.

They must be put through political debates and it must be televised live to the nation.

I believe we need to ensure that our votes don’t get wasted!

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