Quality cars and services

CHOOSE right. Choose Carz & Carz Limited because they have a buying team of professionals who will carefully select the cars and make sure that customers get the best quality and value for their money.

Carz & Carz Ltd is a subsidiary of Qualitex Trading based in Japan which has constantly maintained its position as a volume-based wholesaler to 15 countries for more than a decade now.

Apart from selling cars at their own outlets, the company has more than 100 dealer networks that continuously do their car yard shopping through their parent company.

It is also considered to be one of the largest used car exporters of Japan.

Website www.carzncarz.com states a large chunk of used cars is now imported from Japan.

“Physical presence in Japan is a competitive advantage itself as we buy selective cars in terms of quality and price, furthermore it also reduces the middleman cost involved in the process of exporting cars. We scan thousands of cars each day to provide you choices and options for your next car buying.”

Their wholesale web TLRM Auction (www.tlrmauction.com) provides the vital platform to buyers globally and their wide pool of selection enables dealers as well as individual customers to buy these cars even before they arrive in Fiji.”

Managing director of Carz & Carz, Mr Bhatti said their company offers their customers one of the best deals and biggest saving for customers

“Carz & Carz has specials in heavy Duty Trucks commercial vehicle and taxi business.

Our company also does the trading and also arrange the loan for our customers from all banks and finance companies on easy terms and condition.”

The company offers special deals for all their customers and provides trading and backup services.

For more information, visit their website on www.carzncarz.com, send them an email on info@carzncarz.com or call Mr Bhatti on +679992444.