Quality and safe workwear

TOO often we see that companies provide just a basic level of workwear to their staff members to cover Occupational health and safety (OHS) risk.

But have they really thought about the quality, compliance and standards their workwear is adhered to?

If you are supplying your staff members with non-compliance workwear for the sake of saving few dollars then it’s likely that these would be the most common complaints you’ll be hearing from the workers and staff members on regular basis.

“My safety uniform is getting worn out after just a few washes!” My workwear is easily torn after wearing it just a few times! The zips, buttons and studs are falling off after just few washes! The colour of my workwear has faded from orange into white!”

Do these complaints sound familiar? If so, then it is time you seriously consider reviewing your organisation’s procurement of workwear uniforms.

Too often businesses end up choosing workwear based on the price factor only without considering the value.

Lowly priced workwear manufactured poorly with poor quality raw materials can have fatal consequences on the wearer.

For example, loose-fitted protective clothing can easily get caught into the machinery; fading of hi-viz colours makes the garment non-compliant to daytime visibility; poor quality reflector tapes would dissipate easily and making the worker invisible at night; all these instances have the potential of causing a serious accident to the worker!

It is vital for every business to ensure that the workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) they use is right for the hazard and reduces exposure to the level required to protect the wearer’s health. This will allow them to feel safe when carrying out a hazardous task.

Staff that are supplied with well-fitted, quality workwear are more likely to feel valued and would be more motivated; ultimately this can help with the retention and recruitment of staff members.

STYLO workwear

Ranjit Garments (Mfg) Limited was one of the first companies to receive the “Fijian Sewn” licence in 2012.

We are proud and honoured to be part of government’s “Buy Fijian Made” initiative.

With 35 years’ experience of exporting high quality garments to Australia, and New Zealand, we are proud to have been supplying the same quality products to the Fiji market for the past seven years through our “RG Direct” division under our own brand label “STYLO”.

RG Direct can help you determine the right kind of workwear with the right value required for your working environment.

At our RG Direct factory outlet store in Vatuwaqa, we have a wide range of certified workwear garments that meets the Australian/New Zealand workwear standards.

Come in and speak to our experienced staff who can guide you step by step to recommend the ideal workwear for your business.

If your business has more specific workwear requirements, then we can give solution based on the wide variety of fabrics, colours and designs that we have. We can customise your workwear range with your own company logo.

Customers can choose from a wide range of products and designs including overalls, work shirts, work trousers, dustcoats, corporate shirts, trousers and hi-viz rainwear and more.

At RG Direct, we believe there is no compromise to quality when it comes to the safety workwear hence we only use the highest quality, tried and tested fabrics, zips, buttons, studs, threads, sewn in with reinforcements to ensure the strength and longevity of your workwear.

While wearing our branded STYLO workwear, your workers will feel safe and confident that they are protected.

Trust, protection and integrity is what the STYLO brand stands for and it is in everything that we do!

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