Qoro is Suva netters president

Gabrielli Qoro, the president of the Suva Netball association . Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Suva Netball association has selected former national coach Gabriel Qoro as the president after their annual general meeting last two weeks.

Qoro said he has a lot of things in place for the association this year.

“This year the association itself is looking for something different, especially when it is the first time ever for a male to be given an opportunity to lead a female dominated sporting association,” he said.

He said a total of 11 clubs have confirmed their registration under the association and are expecting a total of 40 teams in all the categories.

Jimaima Vulimailaucala takes on the vice president position while Lily Erasito is the treasurer.  National goal defender Lusi Rokoura iis the secretary  and the committee members are Una Rokoura, Vasiti Vugakoto, Bernie Daurewa, Georgina Lasaqa, Alumeci Sachs, Unaisi Waqa, Viti Lilo, Litia Naiteqe, Kalisita Mar and Jioweli Vakamoce.

The Suva Netball association will have their opening knockout this Saturday at the Netball Centre from 8am.

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