Qauqau to advocate importance of family unit

Mr Image Fiji Akini Dodi. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE importance of the proper upbringing of children is what Akini Makita Dodi Qauqau will be advocating at this year’s Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus festival.

The 21-year-old from Malake Island in Ra is one of the King contestants at this year’s festival.

He said he chose this topic because he once experienced the feeling of being threatened by some children who he believed lacked moral values.

“I strongly feel that their behaviour and attitude is the result of the family background they are brought up in,” Akini said.

He said this could change with children being raised through biblical-instilled teachings and proper education.

Akini said when he entered to be a contestant, he thought that the Hibiscus festival platform would be more of a competition but to his surprise, he found that it was more of a family affair.

“It is the bond that we have as contestants where we help each other out during rehearsals,” he said.

“The brotherly bond is what I found very exciting; it brings us together no matter our cultural religious and indifferences.

“Though it’s a competition, there is just something so powerful when we always come together as one, especially in decision-making, we just blend well and cooperate and help each other out.”

Sponsored by Image Fiji, Akini said the expectation and views from members of the public was something he would try to embrace.

He spoke of how some members of the public would always look for weaknesses in contestants, and try to be defame them on social media – “it’s quite frustrating but the more they try to pull you down, the more you excel and let your success speak for itself”.

Akini said he has the full support of his family in his quest.

He said if there was one thing worth showing on the national stage, it was to be simple, be your ownself, stay focused and be humble.

“Do not act smart, learn from your mistakes and let your weaknesses be your strength.”

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