‘Put words into actions’

“Let us put our words into actions and do something to ease the flooding of our rivers. Let us do what we preach.”

These were the words of Unity Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube after the devastation of the recent floods in the Western Division.

Mr Narube said relevant authorities should not approve development that destroyed the environment and sources of livelihoods for Fijians.

He said this was where it should all start.

“Regrettably, these floods are happening too often.

“I have heard of many solutions that have been designed in the past, but sadly very little has been done.

“Once the floods are over, the momentum for action goes down with the water,” Mr Narube said.

“We are putting people’s lives at risk from our inactions, not to mention the high cost of damage to businesses and properties.

“Sadly, the loss of lives could have been avoided.”

He also urged authorities to accelerate the implementation of the plans to lessen the impact of floods to save people’s lives and properties.

“I find it ironic and hypocritical that we are generating a lot of noise around climate change including the high-profile meeting in Germany when we are allowing these things to happen here in Fiji which has led to the tragic loss of lives.

“Let us start at home,” he added.

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