Pushing forward for Fijians

THE Opposition will be for the people of this country so that it can push forward the needs of all Fijians.

That is the message from member of the Opposition and National Federation Party (NFP) leader Professor Biman Prasad.

Prof Prasad confirmed that the members of the Opposition had been holding meetings to map out logistics and budgetary needs.

He said while the Opposition comprises two established political parties, party politics would be kept aside to ensure the government was held accountable for decisions it made and rightfully served the needs of everyone.

“We met with SODELPA today (yesterday) — we were discussing resources because the Opposition will be given a budget so we will be working out how we are going to operate from the given budget,” Prof Prasad said.

“We are organising the Opposition — we have written to the Secretary-General outlining what our needs are.”

He said normally, in an old parliamentary system, every political party had an office with certain staff members.

Prof Prasad said the differences of SODELPA and NFP forming Opposition was not a concern but how the Opposition would operate.

“We (NFP) are operating as a party. SODELPA is operating as a political party and the only thing common is that we will sit in the Opposition. And because we will sit in Opposition, we have to talk among ourselves with respect to parliamentary organisation as an Opposition.

“Right now, that is what we are talking about. It’s not about policies or debates, it’s about organising ourselves as to how we will be ready as an Opposition party.”

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