Punters cash in

GRANTS Betting Ltd Australia’s betting ajencies in Fiji, yesterday revealed that no major payouts for a win in Fiji from Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup in Australia.

Company general manager Vijendra Kumar Sundar said there were a lot of small payouts ranging from $500 to $1000, especially in the Central and Eastern divisions.

“Some people won $1000, some $800 and some $500 while some others walked away with sums ranging from $100 to $200,” Sundar said.

“There were a lot of small pay outs because some punters only placed their bets for the sake of being part of the excitement of placing their bets and getting themselves involved in the Melbourne Cup.”

He said the company was still paying punters after the race on Tuesday.

He said the overall turnout was good in their various outlets.

Sundar commended the efforts of their staff.

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