Public transport

I BELIEVE our country’s public transport system has improved tremendously through the many improved public utilities our government has prioritised from its many past annual national budgets, specifically in the improvement of our many roads and highways, incentives and tax concessions for new luxury buses, quality vehicles for taxis and new mini-vans.

These have all resulted in the natural demise of the many century-old public buses, taxis, vehicles and minivans.

I believe the visit by our Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to India last week will be a blessing to our economy and the many rural iTaukei villages with their many settlements that live near these tramlines who will find it convenient to utilise the train ride for many purposes as opposed to walking some kilometres to the main roads with their bags and cargo, specifically for our dear mothers, aunties, the old retired senior citizens and our school children.

The free train fare electronic cards will definitely apply and tourism will be a winner from this many picturesque scenery unique only to Fiji’s coastal railway rides.

It’s train revolution time with too many vehicles on the road.

India is a country well known for its train and railway engineering system with its technology.

I believe our rail system was designed specifically for the purpose of transporting sugar cane only for six months during its harvesting season and may be the introduction of a quality, safe and convenient alternative mode of transportation by rail will greatly assist everyone in the rush hour traffic congestion we commuters are subjected to, but alternative user friendly biomass fuel system should be considered as opposed to diesel locomotives.

It is a great move by our Government that all Fijians should be proud of and a big vinaka vakalevu to our Attorney-General and the Indian Government through its Minister for Railway and their PM Narendra Modi for the EXIM Bank of India Financing together with their government’s railway technical professional expertise.

I like what the former PM of NZ and iron lady Helen Clark said in her interview at Denarau upon arrival on Monday, February 19 for the Commonwealth meet this week and nothing could be further from the truth; she lauds Fiji’s achievement in the international arena through the UN and says this country is realistically punching above its weight.

A fantastic statement from someone who contributed to the many sufferings of ordinary Fijians from the many sanctions imposed on our country through her involvement post 2006 takeover.

Great to have her here for the meet and hope she enjoys our Fijian hospitality as we play hosts.

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